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Our Award Winning History

Dusold Designs was founded 20 years ago in Mike’s garage doing artwork on Motorcycles. With the idea, that “the right way is the only way”, we have grown into a much larger shop and expanded the range of services that we offer. From the first “real” 2,000 square foot shop, quality and creativity were always the goal. We are most proud of how we have grown our amazing customer base organically through word of mouth and being out there with likeminded people. As we increased the number of employees and expanded the shop we were able to create some cool cars and motorcycles, not to mention some outstanding paintwork on one of a kind aircraft. Now in our current 12,000 square foot facility, we have the equipment, experience, and ability to make dreams come true. There is no limit to the types of projects we are willing to take on, and in recent years building and racing cars have pushed our capabilities even further with a fabrication shop that can design and build anything from suspension parts to a complete chassis. The journey has been made more fulfilling as we have created great relationships with manufacturers and builders around the country, that make our industry bigger and better every year! Services Include: Custom Paint, Airbrushing, Pin Stripping, Metal Fabrication, L.E.D.’s, Complete Cars and Motorcycle Builds, Custom Mechanical Services, Paint Repairs