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The Team at Dusold Designs

team_mike_dusoldMike Dusold

I am the creative guy in the shop. My background started in custom paint and moved to fabrication and mechanical. I work on everything from motorcycles to cars to planes.

team_pam_dusoldPam Dusold

Front Office
Pam is the den mother and takes care of the office, phones, and organization.

team_aaron_sockwellAaron Sockwell

Social Media/Customer Relations/Driver
Aaron handles our social media, customer relations and parts. He has a big personality!

team_jessie_salesJesse Sales

Jesse is a very good metal fabricator and an extremely hard working guy. He loves Harley's and the biker lifestyle.

team_robert_vasquezRobert Vasquez

Robert is my main helper in the paint shop. Here he is helping Mike Dusold paint an airplane to make it look like it is made out of wood and burlap. It's all fiberglass! He is from El Salvador and brings some cool culture to the shop.

team_chris_andersonChris Anderson

Chris is a very talented body guy and the biggest red neck in the shop. He listens to some of the worst music ever created by mankind!

team_mike_mcleroyMike McLeroy

Mike L. is one of our old school guys and is one of the best and most detail oriented mechanics I have ever met. There is nothing he can't figure out and get working.

team_mike_bayhamMike Bayham

Mike B. is another one of our old school guys. I didn't have a picture of him so I asked him to send me a selfie. I thought this was hilarious! I guess old guys aren't good at selfies! He does a lot of our pick ups, deliveries, and is a detail freak for clean ups and polishing. He is from New Orleans and swears all other food is terrible. We must hear 10 New Orleans references a day. Life is never boring with Bam around!

team_ryan_harrisRyan Harris

Ryan is one of our Mechanics. He is a younger guy who is very talented. He is a southern boy from Arkansas and can be a bit of a goof ball, but is the one you want around if you're in a jam at the race track!