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Services by Dusold Designs

Dusold Designs offers the full gamut of custom services. We have a Custom Paint Shop, Body Shop, Mechanical Shop, Fabrication Shop, and sell a full line of aftermarket parts.


Our paint shop is well known for the custom artwork that is done exclusively by the company’s founder Mike Dusold. If you want “one off” custom motorcycle, car, plane, helicopter, guitar, driver head, helmet, … if the paint will stick we can paint it! In addition to crazy graphics, our paint shop also offers top of the line paint services. Complete “show” quality paint jobs, “Restoration” paint jobs, Race car Livery, or just paint match for aftermarket parts, we have got you covered.


The key to an outstanding paint job is surface preparation. Our body shop technicians have years of experience preparing cars, motorcycles, parts and even planes for our paint shop. We are equipped to handle all of your Metal, Fiberglass, Plastic, and even Carbon Fiber needs. We strive to make panels and gaps straighter and tighter than anything that ever came off an assembly line!


Our Mechanics shop is staffed with 4 full time technicians that specialize in building our amazing street, show and race cars. We offer complete ground up builds, engine swaps, transmission swaps, a/c installation, suspension installation, aero installation, brake installation, interior installation, as well as full maintenance for your Street, Show, or Race vehicle. In addition we have a full service Motorcycle shop for customs, baggers, choppers, or any cool 2 wheel vehicle you can’t get worked on at your local shop.


Our Fabrication shop is where sheets of metal and tube are turned into anything you can imagine. We staff full time fabricators because in our world, “bolt on” is a misnomer. We build custom chassis, suspension parts, body parts, interior parts, roll cages, light bars, etc… If it can be shaped in metal we can make it. Our fabricators are proficient in MIG and TIG welding in steel, aluminum, and stainless. When over the counter parts are not quite good enough or something doesn’t quite fit right, we can make it!


As technology moves forward, so does the materials that we use. Carbon Fiber is a great medium for strong light weight parts. We have the capability to engineer and create one off carbon fiber parts, in house, for your project. Carbon fiber body panels, engine covers, interior parts, and aero are just some of the things we can mold out of Carbon Fiber. Our technicians are have been trained by some of the best aviation carbon specialists, so the transition to the automotive world was a no brainer! Just like our metal shop, our Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass shops are only limited by your imagination.


We  have great relationships with most of the parts manufacturers in our industry, and thusly we are certified dealers for just about any part you will need. Parts are normally only a day out and we strive to supply competitive pricing to help you with your build. Visit our expanding online store at One benefit you have from getting parts from us, is we have installed and tested almost everything that we sell, which means you get real world data that will help you get your project on the ground and running!